Nick Smith lives in Chicago, IL. He enjoys poetry, science fiction, travel, and burritos. He is man enough to admit crying during at least two Doctor Who season finales.

Habit Forming: X-Men Forever

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Dixon are self-avowed lifelong fans of comics (y”know, in case you”re joining us for the first time). But they wonder how people are introduced to comics, and on occasion will be bringing you Habit Forming, a column that looks at a comic and asks: “What if this was somebody”s first?” [...]

Clubbing Contest #1: "If Your Friends Don't Dance…"

THE INVISIBLES VS. THE UNCANNY X-MEN When clubbing you must locate an appropriate venue: Dane and Lord Fanny begin their evening at a fetish club. There is nudity and cursing. The Invisibles are in their element. Jean Grey and Scott Summers go to a disco. There is partial nudity and implied drug abuse. The X-Men [...]